Bank said no

Have you been denied finance?  

✔Many banks now have tightened their credit policy so much that a minor issue stops your application.

✔There are more lenders than just the majors.

✔Save time and money as I will find the best solution to your situation. Plus I help you with the process. Let me do the leg work

You do not have to accept constant declines from the Banks. Provided you know who and how and that is where we come in.

Scenarios we deal with include

  1. Tax debts
  2. Self employed without financials or substantial change in income from year to year
  3. Current loan in arrears or behind or irregular repayments
  4. Bankrupts both current or ex
  5. Defaults on your credit file
  6. Relationship break ups
  7. SMSF loans
  8. Debt consolidation
  9. Limited or no financials
  10. Commercial loans.

If you are uncertain as to your options, we are offering a free consult via phone or skype to ascertain your own personal situation. All this in the comfort of your own home in total privacy.

You do have options and life events happen to everyone. Everyone also deserves a second chance. Life is busy so we understand a need for timely and accurate  information to help you on your way.

So take charge. Invest 15 minutes with our obligation free consult. We assure you of our expert ability to help you on your journey to resolve your financial needs. We are prepared to invest the time to help. Our service is free as we are remunerated by the lenders, so don’t stress, get a free consult now.

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